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The “Install-for-FREE” offer enables distributors to adopt Solaris Offgrid’s flagship solution, for an initial and one-time fee of $500 corresponding to a partial contribution to the onboarding and training costs required to use the App.


Once onboarded, distributors will be able to install up to 1000 systems supported by PaygOps, without any additional cost.


Distributors subscribing to this offer will have access to all sales, client acquisition and repayment tracking features, as well as advanced business analytics tools (such as a GOGLA-Lighting Global inspired dashboard) and will still own the data collected through the App.


PaygOps & BioLite

One-stop-shop package

Through the BioLite and PaygOps partnership, BioLite is now able to offer you an all inclusive Paygo solution for its SolarHome 620. This offer represents one of the very few all-inclusive Paygo solutions available in this industry. 

Available now for purchase at BioLite ! 

To learn more about the package and pricing, get in touch with BioLite

Paygops & Rural Spark 

One-stop-shop package

Through PaygOps, and in combination with its modular hardware product line, Rural Spark is now introducing the “Rural Spark Service Platform” to provide a flexible tools-set for all local partners. An entry level energy kit offers a solar panel, one or more “Rural Spark Smart Cubes” to store energy for use after sunset, and a few lights. 

Available now for purchase at Rural Spark ! 

To learn more about the package and pricing, get in touch with Rural Spark.

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