Scale with


Reach greater efficiency and shorter path to profitability

at the last-mile with PaygOps.

Feature adaptability and customisable workflows makes PaygOps the most appropriate lease-management tool for emerging markets, interoperable with any device.



Does your hardware have an API?

(Application Programming Interface) 

We can integrate PaygOps with it within a few man-days of development only. 

We can help you make it Paygo compatible giving you access to our own code generation library that you can easily integrate to your firmware.


"I have been impressed with how flexible PaygOps software is. It's customisable and compatible with any hardware and therefore meets distributors’ diverse needs. These features sit well on top of our products, which are modular and upgradeable and so can grow with our partners as their customers' energy needs grow. Solaris Offgrid is building the scalable tool and BioLite the comprehensive home energy portfolio for our partners to deliver tailored consumer finance for these products”.

Ethan Kay - Managing Director of Emerging Markets, BioLite

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