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PaygOps Add-Ons: Arrange Products & Service Offerings in a Flexible Way

For some last-mile distributors, it can be quite challenging to keep track of their catalogue of products and services, and make sense of it, when trying to arrange offers in a way that fully adapts to their customers’ needs. This holds especially true for distributors who manage extensive lists of products with the most varied set of categories and properties, e.g. agritech providers, or those who have a catalogue of complementary products and services that might be essential to clients, but not necessarily linked to the core offer, which can certainly complicate things for field agents when doing sales or modifying the terms of any given lease contract, should they lack the right technology.

Long time ago, we asked ourselves: how do we adapt to help any kind of distributor arrange any kind of product offer, or set of product offers, on a loan basis, easily? The answer came in the form of PaygOps Add-ons, considered by many of our clients one of the most powerful PaygOps features for allowing them to organise their products and service offers in a smarter way, enabling field officers to smoothly navigate through such offers, add them on top of main offers, and arrange them easily when doing sales or at any needed point throughout the customer journey.

“One of the main challenges in sectors such as Agriculture is to manage large and dynamic portfolios with lots of products and services that can be combined in bundles, with prices that can change very often. This has motivated us to add more flexibility to our tool, and one of the features that is allowing us to do so is PaygOps Add-ons.
Elsa García Diez, Customer Success Manager, PaygOps.

By working with last-mile distributors across all industries, and having a deep understanding of their specific contexts, we’ve made the feature fully flexible, and we believe that, by illustrating different use cases, other distributors might find an answer to their sales/lease management challenges. Therefore, here’s an overview of how PaygOps Add-ons can adapt to different operational needs. So, let’s get to it!

What’s an add-on?

For starters, an Add-on is simply a product, or a service, sold to a client in combination with a regular product offer. It can be a product like spare parts, appliances (e.g fan, lamp, TV), battery replacement, fertilisers, trees, among others, or a service like a warranty extension. A typical service extension might be a repair of the SHS if the case is not covered by product warranty or product out of warranty period.

What’s the benefit of using PaygOps Add-ons?

Using PaygOps Add-ons helps distributors to flexibly arrange different combinations of additional items for sale without having to create a regular offer for each, and also allows the top-up of products in the loan to increase its value once the loan has started, certainly making last-mile distributors’ life easier while allowing end customers to access products at their convenience. There are different configurations of add-ons depending on different scenarios. Let’s explore them!

1. Enhance your upselling with Lump Sum/Cash Add-Ons

PaygOps gives room for adaptability in sale offers with the use of add-ons, as the latter can be added to new or existing contracts to be paid at once in cash. An example of how this is used currently by some of our clients in the agritech space is to sell additional inputs like herbicides or fertilisers as a complement to their main inputs offer. They typically set the price of a lump sum add-on to be cheaper than a loan add-on since it is being paid all at once.

2. Adapt your credit terms to the financial position and needs of your clients with Loan Add-Ons

These add-ons can be paid over time to complement a main offer typically at the sales phase in order to determine a final offer. However, they can also be added on to an existing contract. This will impact either the duration of the loan by extending it or the total loan value by increasing it, or both, depending on the desired outcome. In the case where the client has already started to repay the loan, an agent has the flexibility of making the change/addition on the existing contract through the mobile app! For instance, at some point in a client’s journey, whenever the loan has reached a certain repayment progress, e.g 70%, you are able to add an appliance to an SHS system or pellets for cookstoves.

3. Smoothly manage a large catalogue of products with PaygOps Add-on Bundles

In essence, the bundle allows you to pre-arrange and group products or services to be sold together instead of one by one, hence avoiding creating multiple offers to cover all the possible combinations. The resulting benefit is a faster turnaround for the enrolment of new leads as field agents are able to quickly select the products with the mobile app.

Our agri clients find the bundles feature quite useful given they use it to sell a group of products together for a predetermined field size. This means that, when a prospect is registered in a certain category, i.e. indicating their field size, the field agent can have quick access to a bundle of add-ons that fits the needs of the prospect/lead.

4. Give your clients flexibility of payment with contract term change add-ons

For one reason or another, the contract duration may have to be extended or reduced for a client’s contract at any point in the customer journey. This can easily be achieved by using the contract term changes category of add-ons which have been pre configured to either increase or decrease the duration of a contract without affecting its value.

In a nutshell, Add-ons is constantly helping us to enhance PaygOps’ flexibility by enabling field officers to smoothly arrange different products and services from the catalogue when doing sales and, also, grouping these offers in bundles at their convenience, allowing them to even change the products at certain points in the customer journey, which has really helped us to make PaygOps fully adaptable to support any kind of distributor in selling any kind of product, in the last-mile distribution, on a loan basis, easily!

This is just an overview of how PaygOps Add-ons can help you boost your last-mile distribution business. If interested in further exploring this and other features, we invite you to book a demo of PaygOps here.


About Solaris Offgrid

Solaris Offgrid supports distributors and manufacturers across all industries in over 35 countries through SolarisLab Product Design Services and flexible IT solutions. Solaris Offgrid’s flagship PaygOps platform is an interoperable B2B SaaS which connects energy and utility appliances (solar devices, water-pumps, cookstoves, smart metres, e-bikes) and payment methods (Pay-as-you-go and Mobile Money) within a suite of enterprise applications or API services, to allow distributors to smoothly manage their operations and tackle their challenges at the last mile, thus enabling them to provide affordable essential products and services to millions of people at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid.

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