About Telcos

Telco integration

The “Telco integration” is the general term by which we describe the way by which the PAYG platform is able to send and receive SMS and receive mobile payment. There are two sub parts, the “SMS integration” and the “Mobile Money integration". 

For your operations

Wherever PaygOps is already integrated with TelCo operators, PaygOps offer you to access to such integration for free if you subscribe to a Premium Plan for more than 1000 installations, or at a discounted rate. If such integration in your country isn’t completed yet don’t worry we will proceed to a Basic TelCo Integration (Telerivet style - cf precedent question) for a nominal fee and will make it available to you in a few days.

Value distribution

An integration between a Paygo provider and an operator can take months to complete and costs of time and ressources dedicated to the process is high. 

But there are ways to have temporary workaround to start automating the process  of collecting payments via Mobile Money when people start their operations. 

In terms of costs, integration costs are negligible compared to mobile money fees. 

Paygops represents a very small part of the global IT costs of Paygo ( 2 to 3% of the costs by providing a lot of value while Telco and SMS will often cost 2 or 3 times more. 

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