5 reasons why to subscribe to PaygOps?




PaygOps is the most flexible tool of its category allowing distributors to adapt key features within PaygOps and to customise their own workflow with an ecosystem of best-in-class Apps for key purposes such as inventory, accounting, automatic sms sending, etc.

PaygOps design is based on a bottom-up approach, making it one of the most field inclusive tools in the industry (for instance: advanced after-sales module and decision making tools).


CUSTOMER Inclusiveness



PaygOps offers different payment plans tailored to operations maturity, starting at $0/Month up to our Enterprise Plan being the most competitive of its category.



NO Lock-In mechanisms

PaygOps is delivered alongside clear Terms & Conditions specifying client’s data ownership to the distributor, Service Level Agreements allowing easy distributor exit if need be and interoperability features facilitating connectivity with other Apps.



International Adoption

PaygOps is a solution already adopted across Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America and recognised as a leader of its sector by international bodies such as GOGLA and the UN. PaygOps is a product of Solaris Offgrid supporting off-grid companies in more than 20 countries.

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