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How to connect a device with PaygOps

There are different ways we can assist you in making sure your product is paygo enabled so it can work with PaygOps Software, or even other paygo management software

*or I need assistance

paygo enabled

— Your product is already paygo enabled —


If your product already includes a token system to make it PAYGO compatible, there are 2 options when it comes to integrate it with PaygOps:

A) Your product is paygo enabled with OpenPAYGO Token or Nexus:

Your product is already compatible with PaygOps and other platforms ✅ 

If you still want your product to be tested and get an Official Certification, please check the Official Certification option below. 

B) Your product is paygo enabled but not using the OpenPAYGO Token:

Our team needs to study its API to define the action plan in order to proceed with the integration with PaygOps. Please contact us to provide an API for our engineers to study the integration. 

*This service will be charged at man-days type of rate

— Your Product is not Paygo enabled or needs assistance —

not paygo enabled

If your product is not Paygo enabled yet or you need help in doing so, PaygOps offers you different ways to make or confirm that your product can be paygo enabled:

Install OpenPAYGO™ Token

Openpaygo token

You can make your product paygo enabled in an autonomous way by installing OpenPAYGO Token™.


Our free and agnostic technology allows you to make any device ready to be used with PaygOps, or any other paygo software, and it is designed so you can implement on your own.


See the brands that already trust us.

Get your product Certified

OpenPAYGO Token Certificate PaygOps

If your product is already Paygo enabled with OpenPAYGO™ Token or a different system but you want to certify the integration is compliant, you can request your product to be tested and reviewed by our  SolarisLab engineers.

You will receive a full report and Official Certification* that validates your product is Paygo enabled with OpenPAYGO™ Token.

*SolarisLab offers this service at a unique price of USD800 per test.

Consult SolarisLab Services 

Solaris Offgrid product consulting

If your company can’t integrate OpenPAYGO™ Token without help and need assistance making your product paygo enabled, or you wish to have your product’s design reviewed and get advice from Solaris Offgrid team of experienced engineers, so you can make significant progress toward a full Paygo capability, then please contact our Product Design & Engineering Service: SolarisLab.

*SolarisLab Consulting Services are charged at man-days type of rate

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