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Paygo TelCo Integration PaygOps

How do TelCos, mobile money and SMS Integration work with PaygOps?

PaygOps TelCo Integration Services

What is a TelCo Integration?

A “Telco integration” refers to the way by which the PAYG platform is able to send and receive SMS through the “SMS integration” and receive mobile payment thanks to the “Mobile Money integration”

Basic Telco integration

Allow both SMS and Mobile Money integration through a basic app such as Telerivet in the same country as the clients.

Full Telco integration

USSD Mobile Money integration

Application developed by the distributor himself or a third party resulted from an agreement with a specific Telco in a specific country, based on the Telco’s API documentation.

International SMS Service

By creating an account and a phone number with an international SMS service, the distributor get access to a  public API which allows only an SMS integration very costly.

PaygOps TelCo and SMS Integration

Paygo TelCo Integration Explanation PaygOps

Quick Mobile Money Integration

Integration Time:

<​ 1 month

Time distribution:

90% Technical part ; 10% Administrative part

Paygo TelCo integration device

Local Telco

Integration Time:

3 to 24 months

Time distribution:

10% Technical part ; 90% Administrative part

Key Challenges and Misconceived Issues

Standards Mobile money integration

​There are no existing standards for mobile money integrations. With each operator comes a completely different integration process often with different technologies, outdated technologies, and specific requirements in terms of infrastructure.

TelCos Key Challenges​

Paygo provider and operator integration PaygOps

​An integration between a Paygo provider and an operator can take months to complete, and the cost of time and resources dedicated to the process is high.​

TelCo operator bureaucratic PaygOps

Due to TelCo operators' bureaucratic rigidities, the contracting process often involves long and complicated paperwork.

Misconceived Issues

  • Compared to the IT costs, the Paygo software itself represents a small part that is actually often bringing the most value for the business.

  • Even though the proper process of integration is rather complicated there are workarounds to start having automation to capture SMS and payments inside the software platform without having to enter them manually.

  • Once an integration is completed, the technical work is done but the administrative process remains. 

Need more resources?

Want to learn more about TelCo integrations?

We've launched a mini series of articles, with contribution from partners and industry experts, for distributors to have a thorough understanding of the challenges, misconceptions, administrative procedures and benefits around TelCo integrations so you can seize the opportunities that Mobile Money technology represents to your last-mile business operations.

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