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About PaygOps

Our passionate team of experts is dedicated to building  software flexible solutions to empower businesses in profitable ways

About Us PaygOps
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A product of 
Solaris Offgrid

Solaris Offgrid supports the access to life-changing technology for the Next Billion. We provide organisations with flexible IT and fintech Solutions (PaygOps, Bridgin), Open Source technology (OpenPAYGO Suite) and Product Design & Engineering Services (SolarisLab) to have an impact that proves to be scalable and profitable.

The story behind PaygOps

Created as a result of Solaris Offgrid's first-hand-experience with last-mile distribution of SHS in Tanzania and other regions in Eastern Africa, PaygOps is a fintech/IoT software that connects energy and utility appliances (solar devices, water pumps, cookstoves, smart meters, e-bikes...), payment methods (Pay-as-you-go - mobile money) to a suite of enterprise applications (SaaS) or to API services which allows the smooth management of lease financing and field operations, while providing key financial data and metrics to investors.


PaygOps distinguishes itself through its flexibility, interoperability, and innovative product design inspired by our first-hand experience.

about us



We believe we can improve the lives of the 4,5 Billion at the ‘Base-Of-The- Pyramid’ (BoP) by advancing universal access to essential needs across a diversity of fields, through innovative and inclusive Pay-as-you-go (Paygo) technologies.

PaygOps Vision


Our advanced technology aims at fostering Paygo business models to impact the world's poorest and most underserved communities. For that, we support entrepreneurs with our innovative software  PaygOps to have an impact that proves to be scalable and profitable. 

PaygOps Vision


We strive in adopting a bottom-up approach in the design of our solutions and creating synergies with a strong network of partners to solve last-mile challenges.  

Our Team

PaygOps has a team of about 30 members. We are a motley crew of people from different backgrounds, different countries, and different cultures, giving us multiple perspectives from which to look at a challenge. We encourage our people to test and learn. We believe in innovation, experimentation and iteration of ideas.

Our team

You're looking for a role in....


UI/UX design

Customer Support



We may have a job for you! 


Full-Time position in Valencia, SPAIN / Remote

Drive growth by fostering B2B relationships and expanding our PaygOps SaaS technologies globally. Responsibilities include prospect relationship management, networking at key events, and stakeholder education. Seeking candidates with CRM proficiency, SaaS experience, and previous exposure to financial institutions.


Full-Time position in Valencia, SPAIN / Remote

This role is pivotal in steering projects towards meaningful outcomes, fostering a dynamic and agile approach that fuels our journey of impactful innovation. The ideal candidate should know Python, JavaScript and TypeScript, have leadership capabilities, and Agile methodology experience.


Full-Time position in Valencia, SPAIN / Remote

Seeking for a Customer Success Associate to support the customer portfolio growth with PaygOps, coordinating client onboarding, conducting quarterly business reviews, and providing support to sales and product teams. Requirements include 3+ years in project management, proficiency in Excel and Google Workspace, and strong communication skills.


Full-Time position in Valencia, SPAIN / Remote

We are seeking a digital marketeer to support the Marketing Department with website building, content creation, strategy & branding, social media strategy execution and conducting research. You are a good fit if you are creative, tech-savvy, enthusiast and willing to learn.


Full-Time position in Valencia, SPAIN / Remote

As a Senior Full Stack Developer, you will play a pivotal role within our PaygOps team, driving the enhancement of our product. The ideal candidate should have strong knowledge of Python, problem-solving and analytical skills, experience in independently writing software from scratch and familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.


Full-Time position in Valencia, SPAIN / Remote

It’s best if you already know Python and have some practical software architecture and integration. Preferable if you have experience with Agile processes, CI, Docker and Kubernetes. Bonus points if you like UI/UX design or data mining. If you miss some of that and think you still have the chops, we say go for it.

If you cannot find a suitable job advert, you can be proactive and send a spontaneous application

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