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Lease Management PaygOps

Manage your Clients Lease Plans and Contracts

Keep track of your clients' lease data for efficient management of your lead portfolio

What you can do with PaygOps Lease Management Features

Product Activation

Switch on and off products based on repayment status

Create an extra incentive to be repaid on time by conditioning access to your services on payment reception through token generation, GSM technology, etc.

Loan Management PaygOps
Loan Payment List PaygOps

Payment Tracking

Consult the Status of Clients’ Lease Repayment

Stay up to date with your clients’ Lease repayment and monitor information related to repayment progression directly from your clients' profile pages. 

Contract List

Review Lease Data and Operational Metrics

Consult your client’s contract page to show all the information related to the contract, including main lease data and operational metrics, and the history of the contract with a client. 

Contract list PaygOps
PaygOps Leads Client information

Incentives &

Give discounts to your customers as cash or service access

PaygOps allows you to give discounts both in the number of days of energy or by inserting the amount to be discounted, to compensate a delay or interruption in the service provided or give repayment discounts in certain cases. 

There is more behind PaygOps Lease Management Features!

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