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PaygOps Success Stories

In PaygOps case studies you can find how we provide Paygo and management solutions to enhance and grow the ecosystem of last-mile distributors, making their technology more accessible and adapted to end-user

PaygOps for Agriculture: One Acre Fund

“PaygOps has been a very important platform in allowing us to tailor products to specific farmer needs. It gives us the ability to differentiate all the products that we’re giving, all the services that we’re giving. It makes it easier for the field officers to deliver more value and more service to our farmers”

Dennis Tirop
Performance Management & Field Tech Specialist 

One Acre Fund with PaygOps

Read PaygOps Case Study on Custom Workflows, Featuring One Acre Fund!


PaygOps Custom Workflow for Inventory Management

“With PaygOps custom workflows, such as what has been done with the inventory management platform Unleashed, everyone should be able to see value in terms of costs, savings, but also in terms of time.”

Siraje Kamugisha,
Head of Operations and Logistics - BrightLife

BrightLife by FINCA International

Read PaygOps Case Study on Inventory Management, Featuring BrightLife!

Inventory Management Case Study with BrightLife

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CaseStudy Inventoy M.

PaygOps Data Analytics for Financial Inclusion

"The interplay between access to finance and access to energy is in many ways reimagining what the bank of tomorrow may look like.”

Stefan Grundmann, 
President & CEO - BrightLife

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Watch #SolarisFieldStories and discover how we support entrepreneurs and last-mile distributors addressing off-grid energy access challenges and distribution complexity through our flexible and customer-inclusive solutions, working closely with market-leading partners and institutions.