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After-sales Service PaygOps Features

Maximise After-Sales Service Efficiency

Gain control over your after-sales activities and deliver exceptional customer service to your clients

What you can do with PaygOps After-Sales Features

Interaction Reports

Create and Track Interaction Reports

Achieve high customer satisfaction level through improved data collection on customers, and boost communication efficiency and knowledge sharing across your call centre and field operative teams.

After Sales PAygOps Interaction
After Sales PaygOps Issues

Ticketing and Maintenance

Control Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Raise tickets, share critical information while scheduling field maintenance visits, and monitor the ticket resolution in order to get a higher service quality offered to your clients.

SMS Editor

Create and Send Automated Custom SMS Campaigns

The SMS Editor feature allows you to configure custom messages to send automatic bulk SMS campaigns to your clients along their customer journey, to maintain a good communication flow with them.

SMS Editor After Sales PaygOps
After Sales Dashboard PaygOps

After-Sales Dashboard

Analyse and Improve Customer Service 

PaygOps After-sales Dashboard provides you with in-depth knowledge of the performance of your after-sales service and will help you identify the areas of improvement for the department.

There is more behind PaygOps After-Sales Features!

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