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OpenPAYGO™ Pass

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Open source technology for seamless paygo activation and unlocked data feedback in low-connectivity areas through efficient RFID system

OpenPAYGO Pass free and open source technology redefines the paygo experience in low-connectivity areas with an affordable RFID tag, effortlessly transmitting metrics and activation tokens, supported by a free app for seamless data exchange.

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Access OpenPAYGO Pass Repository: Manufacturers Kit + OpenPAYGO App

About the project

OpenPAYGO Pass is an alternative open-source technology developed by the Solaris Offgrid team of engineers (SolarisLab), backed by funding from EnAccess. This collaboration extends the success of OpenPAYGO™ Token, transforming the way manufacturers, distributors, and end-users embrace paygo solutions.


How does OpenPAYGO™ Pass work?

OpenPAYGO™ Pass will improve the customer experience and journey by eliminating the error-prone process of writing down sequences of characters (serial numbers and activation tokens).

How pass works

The client taps their tag to their device and goes to the nearest agent or kiosk available to pay


The client makes payment and gives the agent their tag (e.g. keychain), and the agent taps it on the OpenPAYGO Pass free mobile app

The OpenPAYGO Pass app not only transmits the token activation code but also receives data so that distributors can receive important metrics


The Client goes back home and taps their tag onto their device to automatically activate it thanks to the retrieved activation token

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OpenPAYGO™ Suite is brought to you by SolarisLab and regroups four open source technologies: OpenPAYGO™ Token and OpenPAYGO™ Link,  OpenPAYGO™ Metrics and OpenPAYGO™ Pass 

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