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PaygOps Mobile App

Field service efficiency with PaygOps Mobile App 

Flexible and customer-centred tool to improve sales efficiency & customer service.

"With PaygOps Mobile App, I have more autonomy when I conduct field visits. I can work faster and more efficiently even while in remote areas where there’s little connectivity.”

What you can do with PaygOps Mobile App

Planning overview

Assign tasks to your agents

Agents can easily access their daily planning that has been assigned to them by the line manager.

App Plan List PaygOps
Client name PaygOps App

Clients Portfolio

Edit and manage your clients list

Agents can access detailed information on each client such as clients' leases and contracts, interaction reports and ongoing technical issues.

Lead Creation

Manage onboarding processes and create new leads 

Entering and updating important information about the new lead has been made easier with PaygOps predefined custom forms, and off-line picture and document upload feature. 

Lead Form PaygOps App
Interaction report PaygOps App

Interaction Ticketing

Manage interactions with clients and coordinate maintenance visits 

Agents have access to the last 3 interactions recorded with a client and can plan new interactions, entering the discussion details in the interaction report dedicated to the topic discussed. 

Navigation Tool

Locate your tasks easily with the Nav feature

Using the NAV feature, agents can locate their clients and directly view the directions to a particular village or client on the Map.

Navigation tool PaygOps App
PaygOps App Offline

Offline Functionality

Automatic synchronisation of data while working on the field

PaygOps Mobile App has been designed to allow field agents to work offline in remote areas where there is limited connectivity.


Stay in control of your inventory at all times

Register your devices within PaygOps Inventory function and visualize your available stock by serial number, type of device and/or offer associated with it. No more need for papers or manual lists to take care of your inventory. 

PaygOps App Inventory

There is more behind PaygOps Mobile App!

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Stay tuned! New great features are on the way!

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Increase your sales, provide better support to your clients and run efficient operations with PaygOps to scale the distribution of life-changing technology to the Next Billion. 

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