PaygOps enables last-mile distributors to design their own processes and workflows to gain in operations efficiency and shorten the path to profitability.




True flexibility for last-mile players can only be provided by opening up their management platform to best-in-class hardware and complementary software solutions (to handle inventory, accounting, BI, etc.)

PaygOps is integrated with an ecosystem of Apps

PaygOps is integrated with leading manufacturers

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Offer Editor

PaygOps allow distributors to customise their own offers and promotions independently.

Form Editor

Edit your own onboarding forms, create and customise any aftersales process to maximise delivered value and fit your customer support philosophy.




Through this unique feature, accessible in the Enterprise Plan, PaygOps allows you to design your own workflow and processes through a library of hundreds of Apps such as Xero, Unleashed, Google sheet,...



In The Field, For The Field

PaygOps follows a bottom-up, “in the field, for the field” design approach. PaygOps has always benefited from first hand experience with its close partner Solaris Tanzania, allowing our teams to experience every pain point of the Paygo model, in order to develop inclusive solutions to enhance growth.

Offline App

Increase distributor's ability to understand and service their customers through the offline mobile after-sales app and our unique agent’s ticketing through SMS.



Improve distributor's ability to raise funds (Eg: GOGLA-Lighting Global Dashboard, special data extract as per funders’ requirements, etc.)



Facilitate data flow and decision making processes through operational dashboards, interoperability with external BI tools and unified user experience.

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