OpenPAYGO Suite

Free and secure Open Source Technologies to drive access to essential services

OpenPAYGO Token

Hardware and software agnostic technology to make your products PAYGO. 

OpenPAYGO Link

The open source PAYGO appliances communication protocol to make your products interoperable

Our vision 

Expanding access to a clean, safe and affordable energy is key in reducing poverty and could improve the lives of millions, especially those of children and women.

While the PAYGO industry is expanding fast, delivery models are yet to provide flexible and accessible technologies that are adapted to end-users’ needs. Overall, this lack of interoperability creates unnecessary costs and bottlenecks across the industry. 

Creating standards to facilitate the adoption of PAYGO products will help accelerate rural or low-income communities' access to life-changing amenities such as energy, water supply, health, or digital services.

OpenPAYGO Suite is brought to you by Solaris Offgrid and regroups two open source technologies: OpenPAYGO Token and OpenPAYGO Link.  

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