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Increase Sales Performance and Team Productivity

Level up your sales team performance and drive better results with increased customer acquisition

What you can do with PaygOps Sales Features

Lead Form

Onboard new clients 

PaygOps custom Lead Forms will allow your agents to create new leads in a few simple steps, filling in basic information that is tailored to your business needs.

Sales Lead Form PaygOps
Sales Pipeline Sales Management PaygOps

Sales Pipeline

Manage your Leads efficiently

Access Lead information, status update, documents upload and send automated custom SMS campaigns along the different stages of the customer journey to trigger new conversions. 

Sales Agent Management

Assign roles and tasks to your agents

Create Lead Generators within your organisation and assign roles and permissions that fit your business needs. Easily assign tasks to agents through the Planning Features to schedule sales visits or after-sales interactions to be conducted by your Call Center or technical agents.

Lead Generations Sales Agent Management PaygOps
Sales Dashboard PaygOps

Sales Dashboard

Review and analyse sales performance

From the Sales Dashboard page, you can see who among your Sales team is in your top 10 Lead Generators. The dashboard provides you with an overall view of the performance of your sales agents.

There is more behind PaygOps Sales Features!

 Do you want to discover more about PaygOps Sales Features?

Get in touch with our Sales team to get a demo tailored to your distribution processes. 

Stay tuned! New great features are on the way!

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Increase your sales, provide better support to your clients and run efficient operations with PaygOps to scale the distribution of life-changing technology to the Next Billion. 

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