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Lease Management PaygOps

PaygOps One-Off Payments 

Simplify one-time payments with our solution for retailers and shop owners. Access client information (CRM), manage non-serialized stock and ensure efficient lump-sum payments management.

Handling lease contracts?

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What you can do with PaygOps One-Off Payments Features

Payment Management

Streamlined cash/lump-sum money transfers

Configure how cash/lump-sum payments are treated. With One-Off Payments, you can add payments manually, reconcile, adjust, bulk upload payments, and even manage reversals.

Payment List Paygops
Paygops CRM

Comprehensive Client Information

Gain deep insights into clients and contracts data

Access detailed client information through PaygOps CRM, facilitating informed decision-making and personalised customer interactions, all within a streamlined one-time payment management system.

Flexible Contract Management

Customise offers and track contract information

Tailor contract terms to suit your business needs, whether managing lump-sum contracts, selling non-serialized stock items, or handling Add-ons. Access the contract page for relevant information and review the contract history with clients. 

Paygops contract list CRM
Paygops demographic dashboard

Contracts Dashboards

Analyse Customer Base and Demographic Trends

Get in-depth insights into your customer base with dedicated Contract and Demographics Dashboards. Track key metrics related to contract management and customer demographics, including age, gender, household statistics, and more. 

For a fully customised dashboard, check “Analytics

And more!

All packages include features to elevate your account management, customisation and data collection:

User Journey Editor

Custom Offers

CSV Exports

✅ Intuitive tagging system
✅ Digital signatures

✅ Quick Actions Menu per Client

✅ Hierarchy Management to match operational levels and permissions
✅ Basic accounting tools with insightful dashboards

There is more behind PaygOps One-Off Payments!

Get in touch with our Sales team to get a demo tailored to your processes and learn how PaygOps One-Off Payments features can be connected with other features and integrated with third-party tools of your existing ecosystem

Maximise Flexibility and Interoperability with PaygOps IT Consulting Services

Design and customise your workflows through our extensive ecosystem of over 100 best-in-class apps and tailored integrations, empowering you to connect PaygOps effortlessly with your existing toolset.

PaygOps Business Support Services

Integrate with PaygOps

PaygOps Offering

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How much does PaygOps cost?

PaygOps One-Off Payments Microservice starts from $0.05 per active contact per month, and it is included within the Premium Subscription (from $0.21 per Active Contract/Month)

Try out our Pricing Calculator to estimate how much PaygOps would cost for your business.


Get Started with PaygOps

Increase your sales, provide better support to your clients and run efficient operations to scale the distribution of life-changing technology to the Next Billion. 

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