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Hardware and software agnostic technology 
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The free and secure Open Source Token System to make any product PAYGO compatible

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About the project

The OpenPAYGO Token is an open source technology developed by Solaris Offgrid and The EnAccess Foundation. 


About PAYGO Technology

With digital finance innovations such as mobile money and "pay-as-you-go" (PAYGO) technologies in the fields of energy, water supply, or even agriculture, millions of people at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid are now able to access essential services through affordable financial transactions.


PAYGO enabled products and solutions allow end-users to digitally pay for energy in small installments through a pre-paid "rent-to-own" model, thus unlocking affordability for low-income customers and greater commercial viability for distributors. 

Lock-in ecosystems 

PAYGO systems and software platforms tend to be locked into closed-source ecosystems. Overall, this lack of interoperability creates unnecessary costs and bottlenecks across the industry:


  • Distributors operating with PAYGO devices locked into compatibility with only one software provider. 

  • Manufacturers spending time integrating different devices with each software provider.

  • PAYGO software providers developing their own PAYGO mechanisms to support manufacturers with the integration protocol. 

Why open-source?

Open source technology is an important driver for interoperability. Creating standards to facilitate the adoption of PAYGO products will help accelerate rural or low-income community's access to life-changing amenities such as energy, water supply, health, or digital services.


In addition, it will create cost reductions across the industry by facilitating the integration of standardized communication protocols across multiple PAYGO systems and eliminate the need for new PAYGO mechanisms. 

Our Technology

OpenPAYGO Token provides manufacturers operating PAYGO enabled devices with a secure way to remotely control the activation of end-user devices via a token system. 
This token system can then be integrated with any PAYGO software platform, either by directly implementing the token encoding algorithm or by encapsulating it in a microservice with an API for generating the codes.    

Download your Innovation Package

The innovation package includes an open-source and well documented PAYGO technology suite to facilitate implementation. 


The suite includes:

  • A guide to understand the different costs, compromises and overall pros and cons in the choice of code-based (i.e. keypad-based) PAYGO systems; 

  • Documented source codes to implement in the servers and devices;

  • An example implementation allowing manufacturers to quickly implement the technology from scratch or adapt their existing devices to implement it. 

  • Hardware schematics and layouts


The security of the algorithm and the implementation has been reviewed by several industry specialists and got a thorough formal audit from a cryptography expert.


Like most systems used to secure online banking nowadays, the fact that the software is open source does not reduce its security. Even if everybody knows how it works, it is perfectly secure for each distributor or manufacturer as long as they keep their key secret.

OpenPAYGO Token is a free and secure open source technology to make your products PAYGO, brought to you by PaygOps and EnAccess. It is part of the OpenPAYGO Suite by Solaris Offgrid

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Copyright © 2021 Solaris Offgrid. All rights reserved.

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