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PaygOps Customised Dashboards

Fully customisable dashboards to quickly access and analyse the data and metrics that are most important for you and each level within your organisation

PaygOps Customised Dashboards

PaygOps Customised Dashboards is an optional advanced feature that allows you to design, edit and display dashboards on PaygOps desktop and mobile interfaces, to thoroughly visualise and quickly access the data that is most relevant to your day-to-day business operations, customised to each organisational level.

What you can do with PaygOps Customised Dashboards

Simplify the accessibility and centralisation of custom information that your organisation requires​​

Better monitor your operations and performance thanks to high-frequency updates

Prioritise the data that most matter to your organisation and each organisational level

Boost employees' efficiency by providing personalised data to each user with metrics that concern their individual performance

PaygOps Customised Dashboards

Customised Dashboards Pricing Plans

1. Customised Dashboards

If you wish get Customised Dashboards set up on your PaygOps platform for you (no access to edition data tool)

One-time fee: $160

Subscription: $35 per month

or $350 per Year

2. Access to Dashboard Editor 

If you want to access the editor data tool to build and manage the dashboards by yourself

One-time fee: $160

Subscription: $90 per month

or $900 per Year

3. Analytical DB Remote Access

If you only need access to the customised analytical database remotely

One-time fee: No fee

Subscription: $35 per month or $350 per Year


Stay tuned! New great features are on the way!

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