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PaygOps offers the right plan to support your needs

Get Started today!


From $0*/Month

You wish to enter the market and explore the Paygo model?


From $0.21* per Active Contract/Month

You are an established distributor and would like to grow your operations?


Premium Plan

We have the right PaygOps Plan to scale with you!





Prospects Management 

Access to Client Information and Contracts        

Offers Customization

Automated Messages and SMS

Payments Management

Generation of Tokens   

Inventory and Devices Management

CSV Data Exports

PaygOps White Branding

Client data ownership

After-Sales and Issues Management

Accounting basic features

Access to Mobile App (online and offline)

Payment Automation (Mobile Money Integration)

Customised Forms for client data collection 

Contract Extensions and/or Adjustments using Addons

Optional (from $35/month)  

Access to Customised Dashboards Editor    

Optional (from $90/month)

Analytical Database Remote access

Optional (from $35/month)

Number of User Accounts



Operation size limitation

<1000 installations



Incident Management (PaygOps Support)

E-learning and Training documentation access

On-Boarding Support

2 hours

2 hours

Dedicated Account Manager

Access to IT consulting services

Optional (Based on quote)

What you can do with PaygOps

PaygOps Features

Find out how PaygOps Flexible Solution advanced features will help you improve and scale your Paygo operations.


From Lease Management to KPIs detailed dashboards, PaygOps Full Suite Offer allows you to cover the entire customer journey of your clients.

PaygOps Features Devices
Paygo TelCo integration PaygOps

PaygOps TelCo Integration Services

Have your operations connected with Mobile Money services and SMS to reach your clients. Find out how TelCos and SMS Integration work with PaygOps

Business Support Services

Flexibility and interoperability are maximised through PaygOps Full Suite.


Design and customise your own workflows through an ecosystem of +100 best-in-class Apps.

Business Support Service PaygOps

Integrate with PaygOps

PaygOps is trusted and already compatible with 40+ brands of products because interoperability comes first!
Join the leading brands that already use PaygOps

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