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OpenPAYGO™ Metrics

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Optimise the usage-based data management of your PAYGO devices and exchange data in a compact and efficient way

Free Open-source API specification that provides an optimised standardised way for PAYGO devices to send usage metrics to a server and get back information about their activation status 

Access the documentation you need to integrate OpenPAYGO™ Metrics into your device or PAYGO software and join the PAYGO revolution!

Thanks for joining the PAYGO revolution!

Click HERE to access OpenPAYGO Metrics repository


Lack of a standardisation


There are no standard formats for exchanging data between a device and the PAYGO software and it requires a lot of time for manufacturers to create their own formats.

OpenPAYGO™ Metrics provides a free and open format and makes these data languages compatible with PaygOps and any other platforms.

Poor optimisation of data formats


Data formats and languages are poorly optimised to work in areas with low reliability of the connection and result in high costs for distributors and an important amount of data is wasted.

OpenPAYGO™ Metrics is cost-efficient, flexible, and data-saving formats, which at the end allows distributors to save costs, and to the end-customers to save power.  

 Type of data limitations


Most data formats are created only for each specific manufacture device, so it only works with each dedicated manufacture device's kind of data.

OpenPAYGO™ Metrics is totally flexible and accepts any kind of data (temperature, voltage, litres...etc) and it automatically synchronizes with any token.

PAYGO Technology Compatibility

OpenPAYGO™ Metrics can be compatible with any protocol and paygo platform. If the device using OpenPAYGO™ Metrics is enabled with PAYGO technology through the OpenPAYGO Token, it allows the activation of the device upon payment, automatically, without the need to have the token being inserted manually by the customer.

Paygo free open token compatibility

Displaying usage-based data in PaygOps

OpenPAYGO™ Metrics is compatible with PaygOps Software, so whether it is per kWh/h, litres of water, or kg of gas used, last-mile distributors can access accurate information using our Big Data visualisation capabilities such as graphs, charts, and diagrams.

IoT and usage-based data management in PaygOps
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OpenPAYGO™ Metrics is a free and secure open-source technology to make your products PAYGO, brought to you by SolarisLab. It is part of the OpenPAYGO™ Suite by Solaris Offgrid.

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