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Inventory Management features PaygOps Software

Take full control of your inventory and optimise your operations

Maintain all essential inventory functions under a centralised management to keep track of inventory details such as stock level, asset identification, and movements.

What you can do with PaygOps Inventory Management Features

Asset Tracking

Keep tabs on your assets

Track all your inventory movements in the field with detailed insights about the devices, in order to mitigate fraud and minimise stock loss. 

Inventory Management PaygOps Device Details
Stock List PaygOps Inventory management

Stock List

Real-time tracking of inventory

Review the devices that are added to your PaygOps platform and find the specific location of each device, either not yet assigned to any shop´s stock, as part of the shop stock, in the agent's stock, installed at a client's home/business, or in an unknown location.

Stock Movements

Optimise your inventory monitoring with

in-depth stock movement analysis

Run inventory audits of your assets to improve efficiency by analysing stock movements, date & time of the movement, task owner, origin, destination and additional notes on each transaction.

Stock Movements PaygOps

There is more behind PaygOps Inventory Management Features!

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