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Paygo Technologies for Agriculture

PaygOps Lease Management Technology for Agriculture

Software Solutions to seamlessly manage AgriTech distributors' operations and asset-based finance, and grow agribusiness

We didn’t have a way to do inventory management for our core activity, which is serving farmers through loans, so being able to use PaygOps and having a full journey in which the loans can be offered through PaygOps and then can be integrated with our inventory management, it’s like we’re putting everything together. We’re now being able to offer a holistic client experience for the farmer”

Clara Ruiz Linaje

Innovation Consultant at 


Grow Agribusiness operations with PaygOps

Paygo industry is continuously growing, unlocking new life-changing products to wider markets, and reaching more consumers at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid. PaygOps can support you in running your agribusiness operations and managing micro-credit or asset-based financing to reach sustainable growth at the last mile.

Benefits that PaygOps has to offer to Agriculture

PaygOps Lead Interaction Feature

Adapt to farmers’ repayment capacities according to the type of crops and harvest seasons

Lower affordability or liquidy barriers related to upfront costs to allow farmers access to lease-to-own irrigation systems, or acquire the Agri inputs they need at the right moment

Get total and flexible control of your product or services different offers and with multiple financing options

Enable smallholders to improve efficiency with access to clean and innovative irrigation systems

Allow After-Sales agents to report, track and solve problems associated with irrigation systems and other products (fertiliser, seeds, etc...)

Report technical problems associated with the irrigation systems or other products

Allow farmers to pay for the use of the irrigation system by days of activation or per usage and enable Mobile or Cash Payments

PaygOps for Agriculture Success Stories

PaygOps x One Acre Fund Episode 1

PaygOps for Agritech: How IT Solutions support Farmers' Path to Prosperity

What happens when the full potential of PaygOps is put in favour of serving the largest network of smallholder farmers in Africa?

PaygOps x One Acre Fund Episode 3

PaygOps Social Impact: How do we Help Improve Farming Families' Quality of Life?

Get to know the inspiring story of Rosemary, a smallholder farmer in Kenya who improved her quality of life substantially ever since she joined the One Acre Fund programme backed by PaygOps.

PaygOps x One Acre Fund Episode 2

PaygOps for Agribusiness: Leveraging Paygo Technology to Grow the Agribusiness Value

How exactly is our Paygo Management Software helping an agribusiness scale and generating more business value in its mission to reach 10 million farmers by 2030?

PaygOps x One Acre Fund Episode 4

PaygOps Custom Workflows: Adapting to Unique Company Processes

How do our solutions adapt to sell any kind of product for any kind of last-mile distributor, including Agribusiness, to grow and scale their operations?

success stories

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Improve and scale your last-mile operations with PaygOps

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PaygOps Platform

PaygOps Platform Features
  • Increase sales performance and team productivity 

  • Gain control on support operations and deliver over-the-top customer services

  • Track business processes, goal progression and KPIs in real time.

PaygOps Mobile App

  • Increase customer satisfaction through advanced sales and after-sales features.

  • Enable your field agents to work with greater autonomy while off-line. 

  • Gain transparency and greater control for middle and top managers. 

Customisable Features

Form editor PaygOps Customisable Features
  • Customize your sales and aftersales processes to fit your business needs and the local context. 

  • Maintain communication flows with your customers with automated SMS campaigns.

  • Personalize your interface and administrative roles to comply with organizational requirements. 

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