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Bridgin: Paygo Receivables Finance Made Smooth and Interoperable

Great news for the off-grid solar sector! We are thrilled to announce that our receivables finance platform, Bridgin, is live and, as revealed during our latest Fintech webinar, it is interoperable with all Paygo platforms in the market, a game-changing element that will drive us closer to bridge the finance gap in the sector and further contribute to achieve SDG7.

Bridgin is our newly unveiled receivables purchase platform, through which investors can easily access and purchase pools of receivables from last-mile distributors who, in return, get instant liquidity to scale their operations. Building upon Solaris Offgrid’s ever-present commitment to build flexible software solutions that empower businesses in profitable ways, with this advanced Fintech tool, we’re on track to give last-mile distributors and investors access to untapped capital markets, where liquidity is unlocked over assets at lower risks and costs than current Paygo financing solutions. Let's take a closer look at it:

As we aim to make receivable financing widely available and easy for distributors and investors alike, we’ve built a robust platform that can smoothly integrate with the Paygo management platform of your choice. The platform is already interoperable with PaygOps and Angaza, two of the most well-known last-mile management platforms in the industry and, as we take the flexibility and interoperability aspects of our products very seriously, the novel fintech platform is built in a way which makes it easier to integrate with any additional Paygo management platform out there, including in-house ones.

But the advantages don’t end there. The platform allows for the automated data import and update on all asset data, saving distributors lots of time as they will not be required to do burdensome and prone-to-error manual uploads. On the other hand, the platform guarantees investors the integrity of the uploaded data, fast-tracking their operations as well, as they can rest assured that they will have access to standardised, robust investment data at all times and, once they’ve invested, they’ll have the chance to monitor the performance of the purchased portfolios almost in real time.

Both distributors and investors will be able to access a state-of-the-art receivable finance tool, in one click, and carry out the receivable finance deals between one another, hassle-free, in no time. We invite you to watch the platform in action, as shown during our recent webinar:

The idea behind Bridgin is an ambitious one: bridge the finance gap in the Paygo/Off-grid solar sector, hence our determination to tackle the different obstacles that are present in the current landscape in Africa, in order to streamline larger, healthier volumes of capital to the last-mile distributors. Lack of interoperability in the current financing options being one of such obstacles, given that, historically, distributors have had to migrate to a given platform in order to get funding. Not with Bridgin. Our platform’s interoperability and flexibility represent a major game changer for last-mile distributors. With this new funding tool in their growth toolbox, we’re hoping to get these organisations closer to the funds they need to scale.

We are committed to making Bridgin as smooth, seamless and interoperable as possible to generate the needed opportunities for funding in the Paygo industry without barriers of any kind.

Distributor? Investor? Development partner? If you’re interested in getting more information about Bridgin, please reach out to our Fintech Business Lead via email at [email protected]. Stay tuned for more resources on Bridgin and receivables finance!


About Solaris Offgrid

Solaris Offgrid supports distributors and manufacturers across all industries in over 35 countries through SolarisLab Product Design Services and flexible IT solutions. Solaris Offgrid’s flagship PaygOps platform is an interoperable B2B SaaS which connects energy and utility appliances (solar devices, water-pumps, cookstoves, smart metres, e-bikes) and payment methods (Pay-as-you-go and Mobile Money) within a suite of enterprise applications or API services, to allow distributors to smoothly manage their operations and tackle their challenges at the last mile, thus enabling them to provide affordable essential products and services to millions of people at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid.

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