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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How does TelCo and SMS integration work with Paygo platforms?

The “Telco integration” is the general term by which we describe the way by which the PAYG platform is able to send and receive SMS and receive mobile payment. There are two sub parts, the “SMS integration” and the “Mobile Money integration”.

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How could PaygOps manage TelCo/SMS integration for my country of operations?

Wherever PaygOps is already integrated with TelCo operators, PaygOps offer you to access to such integration for free if you subscribe to a Premium Plan for more than 1000 installations, or at a discounted rate. If such integration in your country isn’t completed yet, don’t worry we will proceed to a Basic TelCo Integration (Telerivet style - cf precedent question) for a nominal fee and will make it available to you in a few days.

Can I use different manufacturer brands at the same time in the same PaygOps platform?

Yes of course you can. PaygOps is lease-management platform that is hardware agnostic and interoperable, allowing you to manage and edit your own offers with any hardware pre-integrated with PaygOps or with any none-Paygo item if you wish. More about hardware integration here.

Keypad, GSM, rooter: how does Paygo activation process work?

Everything depends on the hardware technology you are using. PaygOps is working through any of the three approach and can integrate with any product (solar or not solar) through API documentation.

I want to integrate my hardware technology with PaygOps - what documentation should I send to have a first review of the conditions of integrations?

Two approaches are explained here. If you wish to adopt our Paygo algorithms to update your firmware, then you don’t need to send us any technical information. But if you wish to proceed through API connectivity or equivalent we will need some information from you. 

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