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Track business processes, goal progression and KPIs

Obtain and analyse meaningful insights drawn from multiple data sources into detailed dashboards, with total customisation options, so you can easily access and understand your most important metrics

What you can do with PaygOps built-in and Customised Dashboards

Demographic Dashboards

Aggregated reports on individual demographic data

Provide a better understanding of your customers with information such as the clients' age, gender or household type with PaygOps built-in demographic dashboards.

KPI PaygOps Demographics Dashboard
custom 2.png

Customised Dashboards

Monitor Your Data More Efficiently

Optional advanced feature that allows you to design, customise and display dashboards on PaygOps desktop and mobile interfaces, to thoroughly visualise and quickly access the data that is most relevant to your day-to-day business operations, customised to each organisational level.

GOGLA Dashboard PaygOps

GOGLA KPIs Framework

Improve off-grid distributors’ ability to raise funds

GOGLA-Lighting Global Dashboard provides special detailed data extract as per funders’ requirements such as the portfolio size, Churn rate, or average credit period. 

CSV Extracts

Export any report to CSV for further analytics

Data can be extracted from PaygOps through downloads into CSV files, which can then be imported into spreadsheets, or processed by other tools.

Data Export PaygOps
Custom Wokflow PaygOps

BI Tools and Integrations

Customise your BI with complementary software solutions 

True flexibility for last-mile players can be provided through custom workflows and integration with best-in-class hardware and complementary software solutions. 

There is more behind PaygOps Operational Dashboards!

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Increase your sales, provide better support to your clients and run efficient operations with PaygOps to scale the distribution of life-changing technology to the Next Billion. 

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