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OpenPAYGO Token

Hardware and software agnostic technology 

to make your products PAYGO 

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay you anything to add this into my products?

No! It’s absolutely free and will stay that way forever. The EnAccess Foundation covered the development costs as part of their mission and providing the technology for free to maximise the number of companies that use it in their products/projects.

Can I use this with any PAYGO platform? 

Yes, anybody can integrate this for free to allow you to use any OpenPAYGO device in it. 

Can I use this with my own PAYGO platform? 

Yes, we even provide an example implementation and advice on how to do that. 

Do you control the token generation? 

No, the tokens are generated on the servers of the software provider of your choice (or even your own servers or the one of your manufacturer depending on your preferences). We just provide the source code and explanation on how to generate the tokens. 

Can I use this in an app to generate tokens offline? 

Yes absolutely, since this is fully open source it can be directly integrated into an app without requiring an internet connection to access an API.

Can it be secure even if everybody knows how it works? 

Yes absolutely, the security here relies on cryptographic principles and is linked to the secrecy of the keys you generate and put in your products. For more details you can find an independent security audit of this system with the package. 

Can I use the token to transmit something other than activation time (e.g. settings)?

Yes, this was designed to be expandable and allow you to do just this quite easily following the examples for the extended tokens. 

Can I add new features to it? 

Yes absolutely, you are even encouraged to do so and open a merge request to share it with the rest of the community. 

What has Solaris Offgrid and PaygOps to do with it? 

We started this project with the help of the EnAccess Foundation. And while we developed most of it, we do not “own” it and it is fully open for use and improvement by anybody. 

What if I need help integrating? 

If you are having difficulties integrating and cannot find the information you need within the documentation or the community, SolarisLab team offers integration help on a consulting basis. 

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OpenPAYGO™ Suite is brought to you by SolarisLab and regroups three open source technologies: OpenPAYGO™ Token and OpenPAYGO™ Link and OpenPAYGO™ Metrics

Copyright © 2023 Eternum LTD T/A Solaris Offgrid, All rights reserved.

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