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PaygOps for Clean Cooking Distribution

PaygOps Software solutions support clean cooking products distributors and services providers to efficiently manage their lease operations, improve their customer service and grow their business

Devices PaygOps for Cooking Water

Grow your operations and provide greater value to your customers

One-third of the world population does not have access to clean cooking solutions and around 4.3 million premature deaths are linked to inhaling carbon monoxide from traditional biomass cookstoves: PaygOps is committed to fighting poverty by supporting last-mile distributors facilitating access to clean cooking solutions with flexible software solutions.

How PaygOps Features address Clean Cooking Distribution Challenges 

Lead Interaction feature PaygOps

Distribution of cookstoves faces high costs: PaygOps allows distributors to monitor sales agents performance, track client repayment history, leverage data collected and monitor stock management

Risk of poor Customer Experience: PaygOps enables distributors to provide post-sell activities for cook stove maintenance

PaygOps Loan Management and Pay-per-Use features enable distributors to eliminate the main barriers that prevent low-income customers from adopting clean cooking solutions: the upfront cost of the cookstove and the unavailability of purchasing gas in small quantities

Complex management of big or diverse catalogue: PaygOps Add-ons allows full flexibility to manage the purchase or modify contracts of complementary products or bundles to customers that purchased cookstoves on loan, like pellets or gas for instance


Improve and scale your last-mile operations with PaygOps

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PaygOps Platform

PaygOps Platform Features
  • Increase sales performance and team productivity 

  • Gain control on support operations and deliver over-the-top customer services

  • Track business processes, goal progression and KPIs in real time.

PaygOps Mobile App

  • Increase customer satisfaction through advanced sales and after-sales features.

  • Enable your field agents to work with greater autonomy while off-line. 

  • Gain transparency and greater control for middle and top managers. 

Customisable Features

Form editor PaygOps Customisable Features
  • Customize your sales and aftersales processes to fit your business needs and the local context. 

  • Maintain communication flows with your customers with automated SMS campaigns.

  • Personalize your interface and administrative roles to comply with organizational requirements. 

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