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Paygo Technologies for digital Communications

PaygOps for Digital Communications

Software solutions to support IT distributors' operations, lease management, and customer service, helping them grow and scale their business in emerging markets

Grow your operations with PaygOps

Technology and access to the internet are powerful tools to break the cycle of poverty. However, 206 billion people in emerging markets do not benefit from the advantages of ICT products due to their high costs. Computers are essential tools for schools to create better learning environments and for university students to access unlimited resources of information  Additionally, the high cost of ICT products affects the growth of startups and SMEs in the developing world.


PaygOps is committed to reducing the digital divide, facilitating access to ICT products such as personal laptops, smartphones and solar computers.

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PaygOps Lead Interactions

Learn the advantages that PaygOps offers IT distributors in emerging markets:

Reach non traditional IT users (schools, university students, SMEs in the developing world) through eliminating upfront costs

Mitigate non-payment risks: Remote control of the device and offline locking mechanism 

Hardware or software locking mechanisms

Send automated and personalized SMS to remind users of upcoming time expiration and payments

Troubleshooting features to better manage technical issues of the device or issues related to the payments

Improve partnerships with MFIs and lenders: co-manage customers and reduce default rates


Improve and scale your last-mile operations with PaygOps

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PaygOps Platform

PaygOps Platform Features
  • Increase sales performance and team productivity 

  • Gain control on support operations and deliver over-the-top customer services

  • Track business processes, goal progression and KPIs in real time.

PaygOps Mobile App

  • Increase customer satisfaction through advanced sales and after-sales features.

  • Enable your field agents to work with greater autonomy while off-line. 

  • Gain transparency and greater control for middle and top managers. 

Customisable Features

Form editor PaygOps Customisable Features
  • Customize your sales and aftersales processes to fit your business needs and the local context. 

  • Maintain communication flows with your customers with automated SMS campaigns.

  • Personalize your interface and administrative roles to comply with organizational requirements. 

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