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[DEMO] Customised Dashboards: Monitor Your Data More Efficiently

Behold! The highly anticipated Customised Dashboards advanced feature from PaygOps is now available for customers to design, customise and display their own dashboards on PaygOps desktop and mobile interfaces, enabling them to thoroughly visualise and quickly access the data that they consider most relevant to their day-to-day business operations.

In the following short demo, our CTO, Benjamin David, unveils the feature in action, walks you through its benefits, and shows you how easy it will be for your last-mile organisation to display state-of-the-art dashboards on PaygOps, so you can extract until the very last drop of value from your Paygo business data! 

How can I obtain PaygOps Customised Dashboards?

PaygOps customers under Premium and Module plans can benefit from Customised Dashboards for a monthly fee (+ initial fee). Head to the dedicated page to learn more about the different options, plans and pricing. PaygOps' Customer Success team will be happy to further show you how this premium feature can bring added value to your last-mile organisation.

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