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PaygOps Customised Dashboards: Monitor Your Data More Efficiently

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Customised Dashboards, an advanced feature that allows PaygOps customers to design, customise and display state-of-the-art dashboards on PaygOps desktop and mobile interfaces, enabling them to thoroughly visualise and quickly access the data that they consider most relevant to their day-to-day business operations.

The possibilities are almost endless now for last-mile distributors (LMDs) to customise their dashboards and make the most of the PaygOps database already in place or different custom data. Let’s say that, for instance, a clean cookstove distributor wants to visualise front-and-centre very specific demographics data points on their served customers, while a solar home system provider currently interested in raising funds needs to keep an eye on the portfolios at risk in their different hubs. PaygOps Customised Dashboards can easily adapt to both of them, as they are meant precisely to simplify the centralisation of custom information that organisations across different essential sectors require.

This way, the extensively editable Customised Dashboards can be displayed directly on the PaygOps Overview (main dashboard), Demographics, Sales, After Sales, and Accounting pages, depending on the permission levels to access some dashboards and restrict the visibility of others that the administrator is able to set up, bringing forth a highly performant dashboard to monitor particular aspects of their last-mile operations.

Example of a PaygOps Customised Dashboard

And as if that wasn’t enough, the new feature enables LMDs to add relevant filters to such dashboards: hubs, clusters, and the recently released organisational levels, as well as to export data from the created dashboards (in CSV / JSON/ XML formats).

Keeping in mind that each organisation works differently and has different needs, we’ve put in place PaygOps Customised Dashboards to make it easier for LMDs to centralise information around their operations, prioritise the data that most matters to them and, consequently, allow middle and upper management to better monitor such operations to thoroughly follow through the performance of their last-mile businesses. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Holy Crop!* is a business that distributes solar water pumps and agricultural inputs across Sub-Saharan Africa. They regularly collect data on their social impact towards smallholder farmers, and would like to have a centralised page where they can visualise the Demographics metrics that contribute to measuring such an impact.

With PaygOps Customised Dashboards, they’re now able to have a dedicated overview displaying, among others, gender of the farmers served, their income, age, education, as well as any custom data that they want to include in their unique dashboard setup. By designing dashboards in such a way, Holy Crop! now has a more granular breakdown of the metrics and a deeper understanding of their business impact.

Cook Up* is a clean cooking distributor located in Tanzania driving their efforts to become eligible for different subsidies. They would like to find a better way to track and report their CO2 emissions as well as other KPIs that can demonstrate investors that they have the ability to reach the last mile with fuel-efficient cookstoves that can make sustainable impacts around climate, energy, health and livelihood.

With the assistance from PaygOps Customer Success team, they’re now sporting a customised dashboard with dedicated data on the trends that they are examining closely day by day, such as sales by emissions, emissions mitigated, performance of cookstoves, biomass fuel savings, reduced incidence of exposure, time/labour savings, among others, with the possibility to filter down such data by villages, clusters, hubs, and so forth.

EnergiePourTous* is a Solar Home System distributor located in Burkina Faso. They want to boost their operations, optimise their business model, and measure the organisation’s financial performance adapting to the GOGLA PERFORM KPIs. Thanks to PaygOps Customised Dashboards, now every time they access their PaygOps platform, they can monitor, front-and-centre, the KPIs that matter the most to them, such as Churn Rate, Outstanding Receivables, Collection Rate, Receivables at Risk, among multiple others that they want to keep track of while complying with the standards in the sector and increasing their chances to raise capital.

…and it doesn’t end there! With PaygOps Customised Dashboards, EnergiePourTous is now able to provide personalised data to each one of their field agents, so the latter can keep an eye on the metrics that concern their individual performance on the PaygOps Mobile App. For instance, EnergiePourTous’s middle management can design a custom list of their customers and automatically have such data displayed on the overview dashboard of the agents, showing each agent only the customers they are in charge of from the custom list, thus enabling them to have more autonomy and boost efficiency over their operations.

How can I obtain PaygOps Customised Dashboards?

PaygOps customers under Premium and Module plans can benefit from Customised Dashboards for a monthly fee (+ initial fee). Contact us if interested in discussing the detailed pricing. PaygOps Customer Success team will be happy to further show you how this premium feature can bring added value to your last-mile organisation.

*Fictional names

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