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PaygOps Bulk Upload: Fast Tracking Data Imports & Migrations for LMDs

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PaygOps keeps building on its flexibility to develop game-changing features that can truly save time and enhance productivity for last-mile distributors (LMDs). In this opportunity, we’re thrilled to introduce the new Bulk Upload feature and its different applications.

Bulk upload in CRM platforms can be a great asset for last-mile distributors of essential services as they allow companies to import large sets of data all at once, including customer information, leads, users, payment records, inventory details, among others, into their CRM system, which drastically reduces the need for manual data input, mitigates the risk of human error, enhances operational efficiency and, ultimately, saves time for LMDs’ processes across the value chain.

Moreover, the new Bulk Upload feature can come in handy for distributors wanting to migrate into PaygOps, given they will be able to bulk upload their data (regarding clients, users, payments, devices, others) easier and faster than ever (for more information about PaygOps IT migrations, we invite you to read our success story with Azuri Technologies here).

Looking for ways to further address LMDs’ unique challenges, our developers have put in place the powerful Bulk Upload feature and smoothly integrated it within the comprehensive ecosystem of PaygOps functionalities and services, so our esteemed users can keep streamlining processes and focusing their time and resources on their core activities.

Let’s explore some ways in which distributors can leverage PaygOps Bulk Upload 🔍:

Set up and sync your operational entities on PaygOps in seconds.

Operational entities refer to geographical areas where distributors carry out their operations. Depending on the distributor, they arrange them and call them in a certain way. Such entities could be hubs, regions, districts, clusters, villages, and many other variations within the company’s established hierarchy. Distributors can manage hundreds of entities. Therefore, setting these up manually within the platform can be an exceptionally time-consuming task.

That’s why, in order to have a better, faster and easier way to set up entities, PaygOps now allows for bulk upload, through which users can import their operational hierarchy all at once, including all of their operational entities in their country of operations, transferring all this data simultaneously into the PaygOps platform, in seconds, without having to create entities individually and manually.

Easily change entire groups of customers to a different entity, or quickly switch the user in charge of a group of customers, without affecting the service.

In general, users represent the different people who have access to the platform. These could be managers, field agents, accountants, etc, depending on the organisational structure of any last-mile company. Users in charge of clients are usually field agents in charge of specific groups of clients in specific operational entities.

For various reasons, organisations in the sector often need to move clients from one entity to another. Up until now, the reorganisation of entities for large groups of clients was cumbersome and time consuming. With the Bulk Upload feature from PaygOps, distributors can easily assign entire groups of clients to a different entity in a few clicks, instead of having to assign the new entity to each user one at a time.

Similarly, Bulk Upload allows organisations to change the agent in charge of a group of clients quickly and easily, instead of having to change the agent in charge user per user, significantly speeding up these processes for the LMD without impacting the service given to the client.

Upload and manage several stock movements in the easiest way possible.

Stock movements are crucial for last-mile distributors of essential services, as these allow distributors to meet varying customer demand, adapt to seasonal fluctuations, tailor to regional differences, and manage product life cycle. Furthermore, they are needed to promptly handle warranty claims and repairs, respond to marketing promotions, address supply chain disruptions, and stay competitive by delivering the right products at the right time.

With PaygOps Bulk Upload, organisations can now easily report several movements of stock items in bulk, instead of having to move one item at a time, allowing for the assignment of several devices to a user/agent, or a warehouse, at a time, instead of having to assign them manually one by one.

All PaygOps users can benefit from Bulk Upload. Here’s how easy it is to use the feature in 3 steps:

COMING SOON ⏩ Bulk Quick Actions

Bulk Quick Actions is yet another game-changing addition (coming to PaygOps in Q4 2023) that will help PaygOps users save time and increase productivity. It allows distributors to apply quick actions when managing their client’s contracts, such as: giving delays and discounts to clients, changing the contract offers, swapping devices, collecting cash, among others, to groups of clients simultaneously, which can significantly fast track distributors’ day-to-day processes, adding further flexibility to smoothly manage and renegotiate their clients’ contracts on PaygOps. Let’s illustrate the potential of Bulk Quick Actions for PaygOps users:

Give discounts to groups of clients at the same time!

At the end of each year, Happy Lights* gives promotional discounts on the energy service as a commercial gesture to its customers. They offer a free week to customers who have fulfilled all payment instalments by a certain date. To do this, they have to manually select each eligible customer on the management platform, apply the discount and move on to the next one, hundreds or thousands of times. Very soon, they will be able to easily filter all customers who have paid before the selected date, select them in bulk, and apply the desired discount to all of them, with a few clicks, thanks to PaygOps Bulk Quick Actions.

Fast track cash collection and easily update pricing!

Farm4Life* is an agri input provider offering group loans and individual loans for smallholder farmers. Given the nature of the market, they constantly have to deal with prices and currency fluctuations, which affects the management of thousands of product offers in their portfolio, the contracts, the subscriptions, and so on. Moreover, they tend to collect cash from large groups of clients, but in order to register all of the aforementioned, they spend lots of time entering the data manually, one by one. That’s about to change with PaygOps Bulk Quick Actions, as soon they will be able to: update the offers to adjust the prices all at once**, collect cash from groups of farmers in bulk, modify various conditions of subscriptions simultaneously, and more actions that they will be able to perform quickly and smoothly on PaygOps.

* Fictional company name

** If you’re a PaygOps client, please consult your account manager for more information on bulk quick actions and their implications before proceeding with any change.

By automating data import processes through the new Bulk Upload feature and the upcoming Bulk Quick Actions from PaygOps, distributors can focus more on core activities like sales and after sales, to better serve customers and expand into new markets, ultimately increasing productivity and staying competitive in the challenging last-mile distribution landscape.

Want to test PaygOps Bulk Upload? Contact us for more information on this brand new feature, or book a demo of PaygOps, and stay tuned for PaygOps Bulk Quick Actions and further updates coming your way!


About PaygOps: Solaris Offgrid’s flagship fintech software, PaygOps, enables credit to be provided to the bottom of the pyramid for essential products like solar home systems, agri-inputs, water pumps. The end customers pay incrementally via mobile money under a PAYGO model. PaygOps provides the software infrastructure to manage the contracts, payments and related communication for the local retailers of such products. Our affordable modular and interoperable solution connects energy and payment methods (Pay-as-you-go, mobile money) to a suite of enterprise applications that allows the smooth management of lease financing and field operations, while providing key financial data and metrics to investors.

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