PaygOps SaaS and App: to manage Paygo lease financing and field operations

PaygOps Product Features - SaaS and App

PaygOps SaaS and App software connects energy, utility appliances (solar, water-pumps, cookstoves, smart meters, e-bikes...,) and payment methods to a suite of enterprise applications and API services.

Supporting organisations across all industries, PaygOps allows the smooth management of Paygo lease financing and field operations while providing key financial data and metrics to investors, to scale the delivery of essential products and services to the Bottom-of-the Pyramid.

Stay tuned for PaygOps upcoming new features!

About Solaris Offgrid :

Solaris Offgrid supports solar energy distributors to build strong customer traction and greater relations with investors through flexible and inclusive Paygo solutions, designed for last-mile operations. Adopting a bottom up approach in the design of its solutions and creating synergies with a strong network of partners to solve last-mile challenges, the company has already deployed Paygo solutions in nearly 20 countries through PaygOps, Solaris Offgrid in-house software solution built “In the Field, for the Field” and its product consultancy services. Leading reference in the off-grid solar market, PaygOps, is engineered to deliver modular and interoperable solutions to address off-grid energy access challenges and distribution complexity. For more information on PaygOps, please contact [email protected].

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