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PaygOps Disruptive Receivables Finance Project

PaygOps Software Investment dashboard

Supporting last-mile distributors scaling their operations and providing investors with data transparency and standard formats to unleash investment opportunities

SDG 7 is essentially solved. We can provide energy access to all. We have solar and battery technology. We have the ability to distribute to the last mile and the technology is affordable to all...if paid on credit. 
So the only issue is how do we provide credit to the people in need.

Siten Mandalia,

CEO at Solaris Offgrid

Why this project?

In order to demonstrate the process of how financing last-mile operators through a receivables purchasing mechanism benefits distributors and investors alike, Solaris Offgrid is piloting a true receivables purchasing mechanism.

Through PaygOps, our last-mile operation management software, we provide an open and interoperable platform to facilitate access to data, contracts and portfolios in a comprehensive manner, as well as the possibility to facilitate investors to directly invest in those contracts.

Receivables Portfolio PaygOps

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Distributors Story

“Access to working capital financing remains one of our sector's most significant challenges, and we're excited to partner with Paygops and FGV on this innovative approach to the issue.  We look forward to significantly increasing Pawame's scalability through this opportunity."

Maurice Parets, Pawame’s CEO

Pawame PaygOps partner
Distributors story

Investors Story

“Managing the due diligence and complex debt structuring can be rather challenging for investors in the Paygo market due to the inconsistency of data formats we are presented with. Having access to standardised data and being able to exhaustively assess receivables portfolios from early-stage distributors through PaygOps' mechanism is a game-changer for investors in terms of costs and time-saving. "

Maxime Bouan, Partner at First Growth Ventures (FGV)

First Growth Ventures FGV
Investors story


Solaris Offgrid logo

Solaris Offgrid will provide the resources needed to execute all work packages. The team has experience developing PaygOps, a last-mile PAYGO leasing and operation management system, working with over 35 PAYGO distributors globally and has successfully designed the opensource Open PAYGO Token which manufacturers, like Philips, Victron Energy, Fosera and Biolite, use to freely and securely make their products PAYGO compatible.

First Growth Ventures logo

FGV is managing the advisory firm of Seedstars Africa Ventures, an early-stage venture fund supporting pan-African entrepreneurs across sectors and countries. FGV Partners have the combined experience in management consulting, due diligences, support, investments and complex debt structuring to implement all phases of the proposed structure.

Pawame logo

Pawame is an off-grid home solar company that has financed over 18,700 solar home systems and has a current active customer base of about 16,000 customers. Pawame has experience in receivables-based financing with several different leading Paygo investors. As distributors, they provide energy access and some of their contracts will be now owned by the pilot feed investors

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