On the path to a profitable Paygo distribution 

Improve and scale your off-grid operations with

our flexible Software-as-a-Service solutions

Customer Inclusiveness

PaygOps adapts to distribution processes, 

ecosystems of products and Apps to facilitate profitable growth.


PaygOps is already integrated with the leading brands in the off-grid industry

PaygOps is hardware agnostic and can integrate with any Paygo device, thus creating synergies with a strong network of partners to solve last-mile challenges.

PaygOps Key Features

PaygOps embodies the movement toward more interoperability, process scalability and flexibility to reach profitability at the last-mile.

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They trust PaygOps

In the coming year, we will be working closely with our partners including CGAP, IFC and GIZ to learn from within the industry, to learn from PaygOps and others who are testing the KPI’s and from the investors who are already active in this industry."

Laura Sundblad, Program Manager

GOGLA Lighting Global

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