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Improve and scale your Paygo operations with PaygOps flexible SaaS solutions.

PaygOps is already compatible with 30+ brands of products 

"I have been impressed with how flexible Solaris' PaygOps software is - it's customizable and compatible with any hardware - and therefore meets distributors’ diverse needs. These features sit well on top of our products, which are modular and upgradeable and so can grow with our partners as their customers' energy needs grow."

Ethan Kay

Managing Director of Emerging Markets at BioLite


PaygOps is supported by major social impact investors

What you can do with PaygOps




Managing Client Contracts

Stay up to date with your clients’ contract data to better manage lease repayment progression, the offer type and device activation. 

PaygOps Sales



Onboarding New Clients 

Increase sales leads and grow revenue through PaygOps' Custom Lead Forms that allow you to enter information from every point of contact with your customers to create a solid onboarding experience. 



Interaction reports and issue solving 

Manage your after-sales services with PaygOps custom issue reports to facilitate the internal flow of information and quickly share the feedback received from customer interactions, and assign your client issues to your field-agents’ planning.

PaygOps After-sales
Mobile App PaygOps


Mobile App

PaygOps Mobile App for field operations

Grow your sales and improve after-sales services with PaygOps Mobile App, built to support field agents to gain in autonomy and flexibility while working off-grid.



Mobile Money and SMS channels

Have your operations connected with Mobile Money services and SMS to reach your clients.

TelCo integration PaygOps

PaygOps adapts to your business needs

Want to know how much PaygOps costs?

Whether you need to scale your sales, lease or after-sales operations, PaygOps features are flexible and can tailor to your specific business needs. Check out our brand new Pricing Simulator and find out how much you would pay for PaygOps.

Pricing Simulator PaygOps

Why PaygOps?

PaygOps embodies the movement toward more interoperability, process scalability and flexibility to reach profitability at the last-mile.


Through the development of open source technologies and the ability to adapt to distribution processes, products, and Apps, PaygOps facilitates both the adoption of PAYGO products and profitability for last-mile distributors. 


PaygOps offers different payment plans tailored to product sizes being distributed, operations maturity, and level of service contracted. 

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PaygOps supports its ecosystem of partners with customisable solutions and design processes aligned with the specific requirements of different business models.

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PaygOps has already been adopted across Africa, South-East Asia, and Latin America and recognised as a leading solution within the sector by international bodies such as GOGLA and the UN. PaygOps supports off-grid companies in more than 30 countries.

International adoption

First-hand experience with last-mile distribution in East Africa, installing more than 4000 solar system, and experiencing the challenges of Paygo distribution.

Inclusive design
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