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Advanced AI-powered financing for last-mile operators

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Solaris Offgrid and Nithio partner up to deliver advanced risk analytics through a seamless integration to PaygOps, the last-mile management platform for distributors of Essential Services

Why this partnership?

In order to achieve universal energy access, more operators must have access to financing. However, distributors struggle to forecast ability to pay and repayment rates, and investors are therefore unable to forecast cash flows due to the variance in PAYGo repayment trajectories. This creates a bottleneck in funding and growth.


Solaris Offgrid and Nithio’s innovative partnership provides granular data on portfolio risk and therefore drives investment.

About Nithio

Nithio is an AI-powered energy financing platform that has created a standardized approach to assessing credit risk in the off-grid energy sector across Africa. Nithio lends directly to operators as well as helps investors understand and mitigate risk in order to scale financing. 

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About PaygOps

Through their PaygOps platform, Solaris Offgrid offers flexible IT solutions in more than 30 countries, enabling distributors to optimize their distribution at the last mile and scale their pay as you go operations, supporting them in providing affordable products and services.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Solaris Offgrid to bring an innovative data-driven risk assessment to off-grid energy operators and investors in order to expand financing. The Solaris team is an industry leader in providing impactful technology solutions to drive energy access in Africa”
—  Héla Cheikhrouhou, Nithio’s CEO

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