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d.light + PaygOps: Unlocking Paygo to Empower Communities

Biolite BaseCharge PaygOps Compatible

We are excited to announce the powerful integration between the renowned manufacturer d.light and PaygOps last-mile management platform, to make all d.light devices compatible with PaygOps, thus enabling distributors of Paygo technology to expand their portfolios, aiming to provide more energy to more families, and empower communities for a brighter future.

d.light is a global leader and pioneer in providing affordable solar energy solutions designed for the 2 billion people in the world currently without access to reliable energy. Since 2006, d.light’s social enterprise has impacted more than 150 million people. They are committed to providing high quality, accessible solar lighting and power systems to everyone through competitive pricing and Pay-as-you-go (Paygo) solutions on their solar kits. Their mission is to transform 1 billion lives with sustainable products by 2030.

biolite base charge

Biolite Basecharge

The established manufacturer’s products are well known for the affordable, long-lasting and safe power they provide for daily use or emergency needs. Their technology presents large battery capacities that range from 32Wh to 1075Wh, powering up to 6 lights, along with USB charging for DC Appliances (TV, fan, router, TV box, etc) for more than 20 hours, LiFePO4 batteries and high-quality LED lights that extend the lifespan 4 times longer than other players in the market. Additionally, the Paygo capabilities of d.light products make it possible for end users to afford them in a Rent-to-Own model, through daily, weekly or monthly small deposits via d.light’s in-house token system, recently integrated via API with the PaygOps platform.

“The partnership between d.light and PaygOps represents a tremendous opportunity to consolidate our offer by integrating our d.light portfolio with the PaygOps platform. Our large product portfolio is composed of Solar Home Systems that can power up to 6 lighting points and appliances like TV, fans, smartphones, radio, etc. We also recently launched an innovative module with an AC/DC inverter, solar panel and lithium batteries with a Paygo option.”
Dominique Friedl, Director of Global Business Development at d.light

Thanks to a seamless integration between d.light’s own token system and our flexible PaygOps platform, last-mile distributors using PaygOps can now incorporate all d.light solar Paygo products into their offerings, including models T500R, D100, D180, X1000, X2000, TV 32" PayGo, and iMax, while being able to streamline their processes with our flexible features to manage lease, sales, after sales and inventory, thus enabling greater value to both the distributors and, ultimately, end users of d.light technology.

“We’re proud to be supporting a key player as d.light in their efforts to further strengthen their Paygo portfolio. This partnership will help both organisations to push forward our common goal of bringing life-changing technology for the Next Billion. Distributors of d.light products can now rest assured that we will back them with the renowned flexibility and interoperability of our PaygOps’ management platform.”
Thibault Lesueur, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder, Solaris Offgrid

“By combining our experience and our network, we want to impact more than a billion people by 2030 with our quality solar products and inclusive payment solutions," concludes Dominique Friedl.

Are you a distributor? Explore the d.light products and their features on our partner’s website. Interested in selling pools of receivables and getting instant liquidity to finance the distribution of all d.light devices? We invite you to discover Bridgin, our receivables finance aggregation solution, developed by PaygOps to streamline larger, healthier volumes of capital to last-mile distributors. And, in case you’re wondering, it’s interoperable with all Paygo management platforms in the market. We’d be happy to discuss it with you. Contact us for more information.


About PaygOps: Solaris Offgrid’s flagship fintech software, PaygOps, enables credit to be provided to the bottom of the pyramid for essential products like solar home systems, agri-inputs, water pumps. The end customers pay incrementally via mobile money under a PAYGO model. PaygOps provides the software infrastructure to manage the contracts, payments and related communication for the local retailers of such products. Our affordable modular and interoperable solution connects energy and payment methods (Pay-as-you-go, mobile money) to a suite of enterprise applications that allows the smooth management of lease financing and field operations, while providing key financial data and metrics to investors.

About d.light: d.light is a global leader in social transformation by making transformative products available and affordable to low-income families. Most of the customers they serve don’t have access to reliable power or financing, and d.light removes those barriers. They enable reliable power through solar energy solutions and enable financing with Pay-as-you-go technology. d.light has sold over 25 million products including solar lanterns, solar home systems, TVs, radios and smartphones, impacting the lives of over 125 million people. Their vision is to transform the lives of 1 billion people with sustainable products by 2030.

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