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Reaching new grounds with PaygOps’ Offline Activation feature

PaygOps is thrilled to release a new feature to enable offline activation of devices for cash payment in areas where the access to internet and GSM is limited or nonexistent.

While Digital Finance Services, such as Mobile Money, are providing the unbanked and underserved with an alternative to traditional banking services, for the customers living in the most remote areas where there is no access to internet nor GSM, the use of Mobile Money is impossible and payments need to be made by cash.

As a consequence, the quality of service to customers as well as operational costs are not optimized to maximise business value, with agents having to collect cash payments, go back to the office to register the payment in the Paygo platform and re-schedule an appointment with the customer to activate the device. And this, each time a customer makes a down payment to register as a new client, pays additional days of energy, and/or in the case of people paying for small amounts of days (3-7 days) at a time.

In order to provide more flexibility for the agents on the field, a better service to the customers and a live tracking of operations for the management team, PaygOps is now offering its Offline Activation feature that empowers last-mile distributors to run smooth operations when having to collect cash from customers in regions where access to the internet or mobile networks are non-existent.

How does it work? Through an easy-to-use interface, the field agent can register the cash payment through PaygOps Mobile App and generate, in a few seconds, a token to activate the device. As soon as the agent returns to an area with mobile internet access, the mobile app will automatically synchronize with the PaygOps platform and the management team will be able to visualize the new information entered on the customer account.