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[SURVEY] How much should you be investing in IT?

Technology underpins almost every aspect of the modern company - from registering customers to tracking inventory, monitoring your portfolio to receiving mobile money payments, companies are utilising new digital tools to unlock and reach new markets. Given its central importance in the successful operations of a company, should technology be considered a cost or an asset? What is the “right” amount to be spending on IT?

Technology costs in emerging markets

Most of the research undertaken into spending on IT is done on companies based in Europe, North America, or Asia-Pacific - regions with dramatically different operational and financial realities to those present in Africa and other emerging markets.

In order to help organisations make more informed decisions, Enable Digital and PaygOps are teaming up to find out how IT spending looks in emerging markets, across industries, and between sectors - identifying the relationships between building your own tech stack vs using off-the-shelf solutions, how well the current pricing structures available match the needs of the customers, and how organisations tech budgets have been changing over the past turbulent year.

Join IT survey

We aim to share our findings with the wider industry, to empower emerging organisations like yours to make more informed decisions around their IT and technology questions.

This survey is aimed at those C-level employees who are responsible for the IT and tech budget for your overall organisation, be them CTOs, CEOs, or IT Managers (CIOs).

It will run until May 14th, 2021. The participants will be sent -in the following weeks- the complete report we're preparing before it goes public. Your feedback is very valuable to the whole industry! Thank you!


About Solaris Offgrid:

Solaris Offgrid supports distributors of essential services to build strong customer traction and greater relations with investors through flexible and inclusive Paygo solutions, designed for last-mile operations. Adopting a bottom up approach in the design of its solutions and creating synergies with a strong network of partners to solve last-mile challenges, the company has already deployed Paygo solutions in more than 30 countries through PaygOps, Solaris Offgrid in-house software solution built “In the Field, for the Field” and its product development services. Leading reference in the off-grid solar market, PaygOps is engineered to deliver modular and interoperable solutions to address off-grid energy access challenges and distribution complexity. For more information on PaygOps, please contact [email protected].

About Enable Digital:

Enable provides digital technology solutions for emerging market and climate tech ventures and their investors. Their clients are providing essential goods and services for customers in sectors such as Energy Access, Agriculture, Mobility, Waste, and more. They support entrepreneurs, social innovators, and investors to grow their companies through effective digitisation - be it in choosing the best software for their needs, developing Business Intelligence and Reporting capabilities, or providing Technical Assistance. To find out more, visit and email them at [email protected].

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