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BioLite BaseCharge + PaygOps: Bringing More Energy and Paygo Everywhere

Biolite BaseCharge PaygOps Compatible

We’re thrilled to announce that leading manufacturer and long-time partner, BioLite, has developed a new and powerful solar energy system, the BaseCharge, presented officially at the GOGLA Global Off-Grid Forum and Expo last October in Kigali, Rwanda. What’s more, it’s fully compatible with PaygOps, making it easier for distributing partners to unlock reliable energy for more households, in our joint efforts to increase access to clean energy for all (SDG7).

BioLite BaseCharge is a high capacity plug-and-play solar energy system intended for satisfying household and small-medium business energy needs, productive uses, and standalone institutions in weak-grid and off-grid applications. It’s easy to install, portable (allowing flexibility for end user), accepts different inputs (providing choice of power input, whether solar or from the grid) and has capacity to power various AC or DC appliances. BaseCharge is so powerful it provides grid-like power.

BaseCharge 600 delivers 622 watt hours of flexible energy to a number of your devices. Step up to BaseCharge 1500 and have 1521 watt hours of shareable energy at your fingertips: from medical devices, to refrigerators, this power station can handle hungry devices and an array of electrical requirements.

biolite base charge

Biolite Basecharge

“The BaseCharge is simply a top-notch solar product. We are very proud to see how our partner keeps developing technology with the highest standards while leveraging Paygo technologies to carry out their mission of bringing energy everywhere. We’ll keep supporting them from our end, backing distributors of BioLite products with flexible software solutions to reach the very last mile”, Thibault Lesueur, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, PaygOps.

BaseCharge is compatible with OpenPAYGO™ Token, which helps resolve the affordability challenge for productive use applications. Along with PaygOps, the flexible last-mile management platform from Solaris Offgrid, BioLite aims to scale this solution with distributing partners, whom BioLite supports with marketing and funding, customised training plans, warranty service and support, to ensure sales and customer service success. Aligning with their mission, PaygOps has been a trusted provider of customer CRM and flexible pay-as-you-go solutions to many of BioLite’s partners, and, therefore, both organisations, know that with this new product, which is seamlessly integrated with PaygOps systems, we can open up new partnerships and create even more new energy connections.


“BioLite products and the PaygOps platform represents a seamless partnership, which we are excited to further expand with this brand new product line. The BaseCharge is BioLite’s first kilowatt-size solar product, and we know that this product will greatly improve the lives and livelihoods of off-grid homes, businesses, and learning or health institutions. It is important that our customers have the option of buying this product on a pay-as-you-go basis, to enhance accessibility and affordability, and the PAYGOPS platform can adapt to any specific distributor’s needs or model”, Claire Baker, Associate Director, Business Development, BioLite Emerging Markets

Are you a distributor? Explore the BioLite BaseCharge features on our partner’s website. Interested in selling pools of receivables and getting instant liquidity to finance the distribution of the BaseCharge and other BioLite products? We invite you to discover Bridgin, our receivables finance aggregation solution, developed by PaygOps to streamline larger, healthier volumes of capital to last-mile distributors. And, in case you’re wondering, it’s interoperable with all Paygo management platforms in the market. We’d be happy to discuss it with you. Contact us for more information.


About BioLite: BioLite is a social enterprise that has reached over 5.5 million people by delivering renewable energy through cooking, charging, and lighting daily life off-grid. We have a product line for outdoor recreation and a product line for homes and businesses in emerging markets where traditional grids are unreliable or unreachable. Different audiences, but they are united by a common need for energy access, and our model enables us to invest in a single, amazing team to serve both.

About PaygOps: Solaris Offgrid’s flagship fintech software, PaygOps, enables credit to be provided to the bottom of the pyramid for essential products like solar home systems, agri-inputs, water pumps. The end customers pay incrementally via mobile money under a PAYGO model. PaygOps provides the software infrastructure to manage the contracts, payments and related communication for the local retailers of such products. Our affordable modular and interoperable solution connects energy and payment methods (Pay-as-you-go, mobile money) to a suite of enterprise applications that allows the smooth management of lease financing and field operations, while providing key financial data and metrics to investors.

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