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Bluetti Solar Home Systems by PowerOak go Paygo with PaygOps Software

We’re excited to announce that solar home system (SHS) manufacturer PowerOak and Solaris Offgrid/PaygOps are partnering to make the manufacturer’s flagship Bluetti SHS Paygo-compatible via our Paygo solutions, enabling them to expand their operations across Sub-Saharan Africa and provide energy access to more households in off-grid communities.

PaygOps and Bluetti by Poweroak

“The flexible Paygo features that we get from our partner Solaris Offgrid/PaygOps enable our SHS products to be a real solution for the energy access needs that individual off-grid households in Sub-Saharan Africa have”, says Mr. Wondar Liu, the Founder and CEO of PowerOak.

Strengthening their product offering while adjusting to local contexts in Sub-Saharan Africa, the E-Series SHS offered by PowerOak via their brand, Bluetti, is equipped with photovoltaic (PV) capabilities between 6W-18W that enable unconnected homes with up to six rooms to enjoy from six to eight hours of lighting and fully charge a mobile phone or radio per day.

Moreover, the P-Series SHS is provisioned with PV between 55W-160W, for off-grid homes to enjoy from six to eight hours of lighting and watching TV up to 10 hours per day. The P-Series SHS can also power DC fans, 4000 lumens big lighting systems, DC amplifiers, DC sewing machines, DC refrigerators, DC routers, DC satellite decoders for TV, as well as charge a mobile phone or a radio daily.

Renowned in the industry for creating intelligible open-source tools and putting in place standards that aim to further scale Paygo, Solaris Offgrid has made it possible for PowerOak to equip their Bluetti SHS kits with Paygo functionalities through the widely-adopted OpenPAYGO™ Token, Solaris Offgrid’s built-in hardware and software agnostic technology to enable Paygo functionality in any device and make products Paygo compatible.

Furthermore, last-mile distributors of Bluetti devices are also able to take advantage of the different features of PaygOps flexible SaaS to efficiently manage their operations thanks to the advanced lease management, sales management, after-sales management and inventory management