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EMPO-NI gets Paygo-empowered through PaygOps Flexible Solutions

We’re pleased to announce that EMPO-NI's Solar Direct Drive (SDD), the photovoltaic (PV) solar-powered motor drive solution engineered by the innovative German manufacturer of off-grid solutions for productive use, now incorporates Paygo capabilities via PaygOps, the interoperable and flexible last-mile management software by Solaris Offgrid; in a partnership that will help bring small economies to speed across emerging countries by providing reliable irrigation solutions to cover their off-grid needs.

EMPO-NI gets Paygo-empowered through PaygOps Flexible Solutions

“Bringing scalable professional solutions for all motor-driven applications which are much more than only pumps is a next logical step to create prospering business through PaygOps solutions. EMPO-NI's solution's variability and adaptability to serve customers needs in the evolving productive use market segment along with PaygOps professional and widely proliferated last mile management system solutions are coherently bringing small economies to speed in emerging countries and help to fight hunger and thirst intrinsically”, says Rimma P. Honsberg, CEO at EMPO-NI.

EMPO-NI's Solar Direct drive (SDD) is a robust outdoor drive for all kinds of motor-driven applications. The 1.5kW-425V SDD along with EMPO-NI's industrial and submersible motors requires only a minimum amount of PV-solar modules in a simple array to deliver motor power from 0,37kW to 1,5kW to the application.

The 1.5kW-425V SDD kits are scalable and versatile solutions to drive motors or pumps without the need for a diesel generator. SDD-based pump kits, for example, can irrigate 500m² lands with the smallest EMPO-NI pump kit and even more than 4.000m² land per day providing many options for deep well or river/lake water pumping. In the productive use sector EMPO-NI scalable industrial drive kits replace diesel-powered solutions for example in oil presses processing 20kgs/h or milling up to 40kgs/h of grain to flour or provide up to 50.000m³ of fresh air in ventilation application mainly for livestock (cattle/poultry) farming. EMPO-NI Solar Direct Drive kits provide semi-professional and professional solutions made in Germany at a very competitive cost.

Along with the SDD kits, EMPO-NI provides tailor-made irrigation solutions, including flow rate optimized stainless steel pump models for different power with suitable water guns and sprinklers. For "productive use" like rice peelers, oil presses, crunchers, grain mills and ventilation purposes, for example EMPO-NI has developed industrial motor kits to replace the diesel generator driven standard motors and co-operates with agricultural machinery producers for the integration. These "productive use" solution kits based on the Solar Direct Drive and an EMPO-NI motor can replace conventional motors driven by diesel generators completely.

Moreover, the compatibility with PaygOps SaaS enables distributors of EMPO-NI SDD kits to take advantage of the flexible features of Solaris Offgrid’s renowned management platform to efficiently manage their last-mile operations thanks to advanced lease management, sales management, after-sales management and inventory management features.

Through this collaboration, Solaris Offgrid is proud to be contributing to the ongoing development of the Paygo solar pump market, which has proven beneficial to smallholder farmers by increasing their productivity while positively impacting the environment with clean technology equipment that demands less economic investment in the mid and long term against traditional diesel-powered pumps, which usually have higher costs regarding the purchase and transportation of fuel; and to replace manual irrigation practices with affordable, easy to use and more efficient systems.

PaygOps keeps thriving in its mission to provide greater access to essential services to underserved and unbanked communities. Facilitating access to clean technology along with EMPO-NI’s Solar Direct Drives is indispensable to enable smallholder farmers in remote areas to afford reliable solar agritech that will let them increase crop yield productivity and reduce CO2 emissions. We are honoured to be joining forces with EMPO-NI, one of the most innovative German companies in the PV-solar sector, to empower both last-mile distributors and farmers with robust solutions”, adds Thibault Lesueur, Co-founder and CCO at Solaris Offgrid.

EMPO-NI off-grid solutions is a privately owned German company located in Düsseldorf. The company founded in 2007 is among Germany's top 11 most innovative companies and develops and produces innovative PV-solar solutions operating off-grid without batteries and cover water pumping, water treatment and productive use applications to foster business creation in emerging countries by providing added value to raw products and increasing yield.


About Solaris Offgrid:

Solaris Offgrid supports distributors and manufacturers across all industries in over 35 countries through Product Development Services and flexible IT solutions. Solaris Offgrid’s flagship PaygOps platform is an interoperable B2B SaaS which connects energy and utility appliances (solar devices, water-pumps, cookstoves, smart meters, e-bikes) and payment methods (Pay-as-you-go and Mobile Money) within a suite of enterprise applications or API services, to allow distributors to smoothly manage their operations and tackle their challenges at the last mile, thus enabling them to provide affordable essential products and services to millions of people at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid.

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