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Omnivoltaic and Solaris Offgrid partner to unlock new growth potentials for SHS distributors

Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions (OVES) is a leading off-grid electric product technology company, offering Solar powered DC Home Systems. Its current Lighting Global verified products named “ovCamp™ Energy Hub” are distributed by thousands in developing countries, alongside a range of various DC accessories.

Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions Partner PaygOps

Through this partnership, the two GOGLA members ambition “to offer the consumer wider product choices and better experience” says Dr. Huashan Wang, CEO & Co-Founder at Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions. By allowing OVES products distributors to benefit from the Solaris PAYG Platform and from Solaris Offgrid associated expertise (available through field training and support), last-mile players are expected to improve their expansion capacities while staying as close as necessary to the last-mile reality of their customers and agents.

From Q1 2018, distributors supported by OVES and Solaris Offgrid will, therefore, benefit from a set of PAYG and operations management tools (with possibilities of customization) to serve the specificities of the different business models they are putting in place. This feature has always been a fundamental reason for Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions and Solaris Offgrid to join forces. Dr Huashan Wang to precise “we are excited to team up with Solaris Offgrid, whose integrated approach to last-mile distribution, PAYG customer service and distributor operational process support is a great match to OVES broad product offering”.

Siten Mandalia (CEO & Co-Founder of Solaris Offgrid) to add: “this outstanding partnership with OVES is full of opportunities. Not only it allows our two organizations to bring new solutions for the SHS distributors. But it also brings distributors’ clients and distributors’ financial partners closer through the intermediary of Solaris PAYG Platform, becoming a source of synergies and common understanding of last-mile reality”.

If you desire more information about this new OVES – Solaris Offgrid PAYG offer, feel free to get in touch with Solaris Offgrid ([email protected]) or with OVES ([email protected]).

Also, please note, Dr. Huashan Wang (on behalf of OVES) and Thibault Lesueur (on behalf of Solaris Offgrid) will share the stage at the