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Paygo solutions for Essential Services

PaygOps strives at supporting essential services distributors, to unlock life-changing products to consumers at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid

Grow your operations with PaygOps

Paygo solar has proven life-changing technology can be made affordable to people in developing countries. PaygOps is extending the model to the wide range of essential products and services in need through innovative technology and solutions.

PaygOps for Agriculture

Paygo Technologies for Agriculture

PaygOps can lower affordability barriers related to upfront costs, reach small farmers in remote areas and allow them to lease-to-own irrigation systems...and much more.

Paygo Technologies for Water Access

Discover how PaygOps can support last-mile distributors of solar water pumps and the advantages that PaygOps has to offer for Clean Water Access.

PaygOps for Water Access

Paygo Technologies for Clean Cooking

PaygOps allows distributors to monitor sales agents performance, enables them to provide post sell activities for cook stove maintenance, and more.

Paygo Technologies for Sanitation

PaygOps helps organizations in providing sanitation solutions, enabling the control of the doors of the toilets remotely, monitoring list of payments, or improving the planification of waste transportation.


Paygo Technologies for digital communications

Discover the advantages that PaygOps has to offer for organisations distributing ICT products, such as personal laptops, smartphones and solar computers, in emerging markets.

Paygo Technologies for Transportation

PaygOps is committed to contributing to sustainable development, making e-bikes, motorbikes, e-tricycles and other means of transport, affordable to drivers, helping them to increase their profit margins.


Paygo Technologies for Health Services

Learn the advantages that PaygOps has to offer for organisations making access to health equipment affordable to the last-mile.

Paygo Technologies for Clean Energy

Working with the leaders in the solar energy sector, PaygOps has partnered with more than 30 manufacturers to offer a turnkey solution to last-mile distributors of clean energy . 


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Increase your sales, provide better support to your clients and run efficient operations with PaygOps to scale the distribution of life-changing technology to the Next Billion. 

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