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Solaris Offgrid and Fraym team up to help last-mile distributors scale through geospatial analytics

Solaris Offgrid (PaygOps) is thrilled to announce an unrivalled partnership with Fraym, to provide distributors of essential products and services in Sub-Saharan Africa with geospatial data that will allow them to reach more households and further leverage their business operations at the last mile.

PaygOps and Fraym Partner

By seamlessly integrating Solaris Offgrid’s flagship last-mile management platform, PaygOps, with dataFraym®’s advanced geospatial data capabilities, last-mile operators will be able to identify: the target customers for each of their offered products; the specific kind of products they can afford; where exactly these customers are located and how many of them there are; ultimately identifying the best way to reach their potential customers.

Thus, last-mile distributors using PaygOps will be granted the potential to further leverage their planning, strategy and execution processes, with a streamlined approach to pinpoint the most promising prospective markets and conduct demand analyses at national, district/Local Government Area or community level. The intended result of this unprecedented collaboration is to enable companies to bring access to essential services to underserved communities faster and more cost-effectively.

“Our ultimate mission is to facilitate access to essential products and services to impact the lives of those in the most underserved communities. Handing distributors the key to unlock geospatial data that will enable them to reach more households is a continuum of our overall mission. Therefore, we are honoured to be partnering with Fraym, a major reference in geospatial data analytics, and together provide an in-depth tool to last-mile operators'', says Thibault Lesueur, Co-founder and CCO at Solaris Offgrid.

dataFraym® is a web-based tool developed by Fraym to deliver hyper-local information on demographics, socioeconomics, connectivity and ability-to-pay to inform strategic and operational decisions in off-grid markets, including remote areas.

“Our collaboration with Solaris Offgrid (PaygOps) continues our commitment to support off-grid companies in reaching consumers in last-mile communities and achieving impact in their missions. The dataFraym® platform will boost business strategy, identify target communities and their needs, plan the route to market and evaluate performance at 1sq km level, district/local government area and national levels”, adds Jackie Mwaniki, Energy Lead at Fraym.

Fraym was built to help fast-growing companies, development organisations, and governments succeed in places where data has been traditionally hard to access. Using advanced machine learning models, Fraym delivers unprecedented, localised information about population characteristics and behaviours for insights that traditional data analysis can’t reveal. Available for countries around the globe, these insights can be delivered at the one (1) square kilometre level.

For last-mile operators interested in joining this opportunity, please reach out to us at [email protected]


About Solaris Offgrid:

Solaris Offgrid supports distributors and manufacturers across all industries in over 35 countries through Product Development Services and flexible IT solutions. Solaris Offgrid’s flagship PaygOps platform is an interoperable B2B SaaS which connects energy and utility appliances (solar devices, water-pumps, cookstoves, smart meters, e-bikes) and payment methods (Pay-as-you-go and Mobile Money) within a suite of enterprise applications or API services, to allow distributors to smoothly manage their operations and tackle their challenges at the last mile, thus enabling them to provide affordable essential products and services to millions of people at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid.

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