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PaygOps “Modules Offer”, flexible solutions built for last-mile distributors

Through its "Modules Offer", PaygOps can adapt to distribution processes and local context with flexible solutions that can fit some specific and restricted needs on your customer journey and facilitate profitable growth.

PaygOps Modules Offers was built for last-mile distributors that already have operations and an IT infrastructure (they use external CRM/ERP tools or paygo software to manage mobile payments, send SMS and generate tokens to activate the devices; or they have a software built internally) but need to improve a part or several parts of their operations and their current tools do not provide the desired solution(s).

PaygOps software provides solutions within three main aspects of operations in last-mile distribution: Sales management; management of payments and contracts; and After-sales management.

All the full-suite offers of PaygOps can be acquired under the Premium Plan. This is mainly recommended for distributors that are just starting their operations and for those that manage their operations manually (with excel sheets for example).

But for those distributors that already have a complex IT infrastructure in place and are looking for solutions to specific problems, we have created the Modules Offer, that allows distributors to purchase only some features of our PaygOps platform: the SalesModule, for distributors that want to improve processes related to lead creation, approval of loans, field agents management, geolocation of leads and customers; the LeaseModule for distributors that need to integrate with mobile payment, send payment reminders automatically, improve their payment management system and be able to track delayed payments and default risk; the ServicesModule for distributors wanting to improve the tools used on the field to interact with their customers, support the call center and overall improve the quality of the customer service provided.

The Modules Offer enables distributors to find concrete solutions to a particular problem, integrating PaygOps to their current IT infrastructure, without having to do big modifications to it.

PaygOps SalesModule

Who would use it?

  1. Last-mile distributors that already have a paygo platform to generate tokens to activate the devices but would like to improve the sales processes. For example, Solar Home systems and solar products such as paygo TVs or paygo solar fridges; irrigation systems: paygo solar water pumps; health (devices that are paygo enabled); access to water (smart water meters, water dispensers).

  2. Last-mile distributors that provide non-paygo devices or services and are looking to improve the sales processes. For example, micro-finance institutions; non paygo last-mile distributors of e-bikes, water filters, non paygo solar water pumps, clean cookstoves.

Advantages of the SalesModule for last-mile distributors: